Sunday, May 10, 2009


瓦靠,凄凉~一大早起来就收到牛肉干一张,那天4月13号去sunshine coast的时候竟然超速!!!speed zone 100的我们开到114??? exceed speed limit by 13 km/h要价200大元的罚款!!!天呀~好黑哦。

仅此通知所有4月13日去sunshine coast 的搭客:Don,ray,connie 和 telisa,请每人准备40元的罚款,上图为收据。谢谢惠顾。


  1. I have been driving in Queensland for more than 6 months in 2008. I think highway is the most frequent place where you can easily find speed camera. This is the first time i saw the summon. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see summon. To other drivers please don't SPEED. If you wanna speed please drive 7 seater MPV, so that you can share the fine.