Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UGG sheepskin boot

Recently, my friends bought new shoes, namely Ugg Australia. I just wonder how special it is. After online surfing all relevent information, only i realise that it is unique and comfort boot for winter. yeah~ And my girl friend will come over to Australia then New Zealand for winter holiday. I think, she need it. hoho.

Ugg Benefits

The CSIRO has undertaken numerous research initiatives to investigate the science behind Australia’s oldest exports and the most critical component of a good ugg boot. Quality merino sheepskin creates ugg boots with a number of remarkable qualities. Keep in mind synthetic ugg boots will exhibit none of these qualities and higher grade sheepskin will be far more effective than lower grades.

Cure Smelly Feet

Ugg boots are smelly? Absolute rubbish! Synthetic ugg boots have created the myth that ugg boots smell. Merino sheepskin creates a bedding of air which is constantly circulating around your feet. These sheepskin fibers actually absorb moisture and foot odor removing both while circulating air. Ugg boots must remain dry for this process to occur. Synthetic ugg boots do not circulate air around your feet and so they stink.

Improve foot circulation

In many ancient cultures it was tradition to wear a garment made from sheepskin after being injured. Sores and injures would heal faster if this was done. While the science behind this phenomenon is still not completely understood the benefit is still as effective as ever. Merino sheepskin blankets are commonly used in hospitals as very effective method of preventing bedsores. The sheepskin allows pressure to be distributed evenly and promotes blood flow. For this reason wearing your ugg boot without socks is the most effective way to promote circulation in your feet. Once again this benefit is unique to sheepskin.

Swollen Feet

Compared to other types of leather the merino sheepskin leather in ugg boots is very soft. It will bend over 30,000 times without breaking. The merino sheepskin in ugg boots is also very thick and spongy, quite unlike traditional footwear. Swollen feet have no problem fitting into ugg boots comfortably. Ugg boots will actually mould and adjust to the contours of your feet quite quickly creating a shoe tailored to the unique shape of your foot.


Many podiatrists have commented on the incredible growth of ugg boots. These comments have not been entirely complimentary. Ugg boots are not designed to be worn as everyday footwear. The ankle and arch is not well supported by the traditional ugg boots sole. The sidewalls on the ugg boot are created for comfort and will sag causing your ugg boot to roll over. Several manufacturers (us included) have created ugg boots which have traditional boot like soles with ankle and arch support. If you intend to wear your ugg boots frequently look for these features.



  1. tiru other articles bulat-bulat. Don't afraid people sue you for copyright..hahahah...:P

  2. hehe...they recently need ppl help to promote their product. it is win-win condition la no worry. Help promote got chance to win one pair ugg boot yo. haha